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Vinyl Banners are a proven way to get your name in front of the crowd. Of course, the money you spend goes to support the cannons season. Please review the opportunities below. For more information, or if you haven't yet been contacted, please email or call us.



“The Cannons are a 501(c)(3) charity.    All contributions are tax deductible.





This package includes one vinyl sponsorship banner to be displayed all season and your sponsorship will be announced at least 1 time during all home games.  (This includes the cost of the banner made with your camera ready artwork you provide.) 






Show your support with your logo on Cannons Website for entire season.  This package includes a tasteful image that you provide added to the team website for the 2023 season and a link to your website.



Other ways to help.





Dinner is provided for all players and coaches before each home game.  We are in need of families and/or organizations to provide meals, or the funding necessary to purchase meals for the players and coaches.  Dinners should feed approximately 35 people and include plates, napkins, utensils, cups, and drinks.  The providers name will be announced at least one time during the game night. 







Thank you for your continued support of the Purcellville Cannons!